Friday, December 24, 2004

PGA to Mint Coins and Postage

ST. ANGELSK (Greater Automatica) -- As of today, Greater Automatica will officially begin efforts to produce, in physical terms, both coinage and postal stamps. Like some of the older and more established micronations, such as the infamous Sealand, of whom produce their own stamps and limited other "accessories" associated with the hobby, Automatica will join the fray of those few who've taken the hobby a step further into the physical realm. The largest of the two projects will be the minting of coinage. The first coins will be minted in copper, as gold plate is simply too expensive, even for a Crown Prince. ;) This has already been aquired and will be forged on an anvil in the method of old smithys. The copper will be heated and then hammered into sheets from which the coins will be cut. Then, using an engraver and other tools of the trade, the images from the coins drawn for our website will be copied onto the copper coins. Thus producing our first minted coinage.

Stamps are actually a much easier process, lending more to graphic design than any physical labour. The stamps will be designed with fictional photographs or drawings representing the culture and background of Greater Automatica (i.e. as in the likeness of Neuschwanstein being used to represent Castle Greyhelm). These will be placed on special stamp templates, any relevant text and information added, and then printed on adhesive paper (basically large stickers). Naturally, these stamps won't be able to be used within the US Postal Service or any regular mail, but they will add a distinct uniquity to Greater Automatica that is indeed rare among today's breed of micronations. If these productions prove successful, there is a strong possibility the Crown Prince will offer his services to other micronations wishing to do the same but unable to do so, with a small fee attached naturally to cover material and shipping costs.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Greater Automatica Returns

ST. ANGELSK (Greater Automatica) -- The land of Greater Automatica, a remnant of Blackrock and, even earlier, the Great Automatic People's Republic, returned this month. Not as a people's republic however, but rather as the Principality of Greater Automatica. CrownPrince Caruso inherited Greater Automatica, the larger sister to Shireroth's Lesser Automatica, nearly three years ago when the Republic of Blackrock was shut down. It briefly made an appearence as a fifth world micronation, the Automatic Federation of Temoean Republics (AFTR), claiming the small Polynesian island of Temoe. Real-world claims were, however, eventually dropped entirely and Automatica became its present virtual entity. The principality has existed since then in a de-facto state neither as an existing micronation but neither as a non-existant entity either. After announcing his general retirement from mainstream micropolitics, the Crown Prince decided to rectify that situation by clarifying the status, history and culture of the principality and, in general, restoring Greater Automatica to the level of an active micronation.

Restoration included the completion of a detailed website (located at which continues to be expanded. Also of note in the restoration process was the aquisition of the original Automatican forums ( dating back to the GAPR in 2001. These have been updated to reflect the new atmosphere of the principality, but all old posts from the original have been safely archived for historical reference. These archives will most likely be expanded to include other materials from other related Automatic states, such as Blackrock and the AFTP. Contrary to the normal mode of young micronations, Greater Automatica is not undertaking a campaign to increase citizenship. The principality is instead focusing of the aesthetics of micronationalism, such as the production of coinage and postage stamps. Areas ignored by many micronations these days, but which were once the mainstay of classic micronationalism. The first run lines of these productions is expected to be released over the Christmas/New Year holiday. Information will be published to the St. Angelsk Times as these new products are made available.